Inside are 100 cards, which share ancestral African wisdom, guidance, and advice from across the five regions of Africa. With linguistic and cultural differences across the continent and the diaspora, these proverbs can be interpreted differently.


There are three ways in which to play and engage with this card set and customised dice. Which are the following listed below:

1) Discuss & Decipher:

The card set encourages meaningful discussion, whilst the customised dice aides players to confidently share different perspectives and listen to others. Click here for more.

2) Teach & Talk:

Used as a teaching the cards encourage students of life to think, share, discuss and illustrate lessons learned. Click here for more.

3) Meditation & Mindfulness:

The set of cards can be used as a source of self-care, encouraging personal reflection through traditional wisdom! Pick a card, pin to a board or post on a mirror and reflect! Click here for more.